What Is Sponge Filter And Why You Need It?


Sponge filters are often used in the aquarium filter, which is just not a foam piece but little more than that. There are different designs of sponge filters available which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It usually consists of 4 parts.

  1. Foam sponge

This is a basic part due to which its name is given.

2. Weighted base

It will not allow fish tank filterĀ  to float around the tank and the sponge usually sits on it.


It allows to connect to the filter through a tubing.

4.Lift tub

Water will flow up to this and then back into the tank.

Why we need any sponge filter?

Following are few reasons why sponge filters are used.

  1. Easiest biological filtration method

Sponge filters acts as breeding ground for bacteria to grow and they will create their colony. These natural bacteria will break down the waste in the aquarium and the fish can remain healthy and happy. Since water is getting sucked due to sponge, it will get cleaned by bacteria as it continues which is called biological filtration and keep the tank in balance.

2. It is a mechanical and biological filter

Not only it works as a bio filter, but also these sponge filters are capable of providing tank mechanical filtration. This sponge can easily trap any debris and easily filters from the tank. In case, you are not happy with this mechanical filtration of your sponge filter, then you may need stronger air pump for improving water flow.

3. It is safe against any fry and shrimp

With sponge filter you need not worry that your filter will suck up any little fry or shrimp present in the tank. Besides that, the bacteria which usually grow around the sponge filter usually are liked by fry and shrimp.

4. This type of filter which is always cycled

If you have to set up any new tank quickly to take out your sick fish to a different tank or you want to take fish out for breeding, then this sponge filter can easily be removed from the old tank and placed in the new one. This way, it is possible to cycle multiple numbers of sponge filters and will always have few spare and cycled sponge filters available in hand, as and when you may need them.

5. No strong current

If you have any slow-moving fish then sponge filter can provide gentle filtration, however ensure that the air pump is not on too high mode or you may even add pre-filter sponge for slowing down the flow of water.

6. Power outage friendly

In case of power failure, the tank will not run and hence no flow of oxygen and bacteria may suffocate. However, any sponge filter will allow to survive these bacteria for much longer.

7.Sponge filters are inexpensive

Sponge filters are very affordable aquarium equipment that is available in the market ready-made or you can make your own too.

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