When do you need deep carpet and upholstery cleaning?

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There easiest carpet and upholstery fabric to clean is the micro-fibre suede otherwise known as the micro-suede. Some of the carpet and upholstery cleaners refer to themselves as ‘Micro-Suede Specialists’. However, this is a way of marketing their brand because micro-suede cleans up like a new brand almost all the time. Oil-based soils are the only stains that may fail to get out. Micro-suede is oleophilic meaning that oil-based soils may permanently bind to your micro-suede fabric hence becoming impossible to remove. Therefore, be careful the next time you are sitting down in the lounge as you enjoy some oily treats like chicken wings and fried chips. Dropping these food particles on your beautiful couch may leave behind an unsightly permanent stain that is impossible to remove. The carpet and upholstery cleaning professional can apply upholstery protection measures if the primary concern for your furniture is permanent stains. 

Human and pet urine can also pose a great challenge for the upholstery. The reason is that urine can soak deeply within the upholstery stuffing and fibres if you leave it untreated. Therefore, it will render it beyond the reach of odourneutralising agents that carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals use to clean the fabric. Odourneutralisers will only work if they can get out to the urine and counteract it chemically. If the urine has gone so deep into the material, the neutraliser will not reach to it. Therefore, the upholstery may stay fresh one or two days after cleaning but this will fade out soon, and the urine smell will come back.

The leather is a natural material and hence is different from the other types of fibres and thus will need specialty cleaning so that you can separate the soils from the leather gently. It is not sufficient to clean the leather material by itself as you have to carefully condition it using the right oils to restore the natural oily texture of the skin and keep your leather looking and feeling great for several years to come. If you treat it well, the leather material will outlast all the other types of fabrics by one or more decades.

When your upholstery has heavy soiling on thin materials such as cushions, it may not be enough to do a thorough upholstery cleaning if you want to shift the heavily ingrained soils. If your upholstery cleaner is using much water and chemical and is aggressive with the cleaning tools, they can cause the stains to shift. Besides, the upholstery may take a much longer time to dry thoroughly. You can prevent this trade-off by cleaning your upholstery regularly. If you have been asking yourself when do you need deep carpet and upholstery cleaning? All the answers are in the above content.

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